Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls I Do Adore


I love being a woman. I mean really LOVE being a woman. And I’m a girly girl and absolutely unapologetic about it. I love to spend god awful amounts of time taking long showers with water so hot that you can’t see the mirror for the steam when it’s all said and done. And after drying off with a big comfy towel, I love to spray whatever fragrance fancies me for the day while my skin is still damp. I never leave the house without perfume. I love to take my time, lots of time, to carefully construct my outfit for the day, considering which colors I want to pair, what accessories I should throw in the mix and which shoes might be the perfect finishing touch. I love shoes, no really…I LOVE SHOES. My heart pitter patters at the thought of vintage purses. I love colorful nail polish. I adore eyeshadow. I like lip gloss. I love to experiment with various hairstyles. I love to indulge in all things feminine.

I’m trying to think of a nice wholesome way to articulate my next statement but it’s getting late and I’m tired so screw it: I think the very essence of a woman is sexy. And I don’t mean sexy in the manner that salacious men refer to women. Sexy is alluring, is captivating, it’s enchanting. Ladies, you know what I mean and if you’re like me, you’re glad to have that thing that only women have. Have you ever had a day when you just felt sexy (the nice Christian way of course, lol)?

Well, today was one of those days for me. I love Chicago- it’s one of the things my heart beats for, and today was one of those days when it’s easy to love my city. It was sunny and beautiful and the wind rustled through the leaves of trees that are finally green. The city was out; there were people everywhere. The air was filled with the humming of cars and the buzz of a million people in conversation at once. I parked my car, stepped out with a sundress and open toe shoes on with nails, hands and feet, painted a flirty orange that complimented my sun-kissed skin and sauntered down the concrete pathways of my neighborhood. As I made my way to Starbucks to meet a friend for coffee, the sway of my hips sang the song that only I could sing. Ladies, you know what I mean. As I walked down the street enveloped in the sun’s embrace, I felt sexy, beautiful, and fiercely woman.

But you know, the thing that is most worth noting is not that I thought I was fly, (in actuality, I was dressed quite simply and was not attempting to draw any unnecessary attention to myself) it is that all of that jazz came from within. I felt womanly: gentle and kind, considerate, unassumingly strong, modest, tempered, confident, respectable, mild-mannered yet vibrant and vivacious, un-compromised (I know that’s not really a word), virtuous and hidden to those who are intently pursuing foolishness. And believe it or not, as much time as I put into being a girly girl, the time I spend trying to develop true inward beauty far surpasses it.

But I digress, after I finally caught up with my friend, my conversations with him led to my late mother. She is the thing, aside from the undying love and sacrifice of the Savior, that I am singly most grateful for. She remains the most powerful example of biblical womanhood that I have seen. She definitely had that thing that only women have, but more importantly she had Christ and the kind of inward beauty that humbles me and provides high standards for me to aspire to. She. Was. Woman…in every sense of the word. I think that I love being a woman soooo much because I watched the kind of woman she was.

I read something once that has stuck with me; Diana Hagee took creative license and created a conversation between God and woman. Now, I must say, it may not be the best theology and probably could use some tweaking from a feminist vantage point but it is definitely something to think about. She says:

“For man represents God’s image, but woman represents his heart…Of all that lives and breathes, you are most like Me. Adam walked with Me in the cool of the day, and yet he was lonely. He could not see Me or touch Me. He could only feel Me. So everything I wanted Adam to share and experience with me, I fashioned in you: My holiness, My strength, My purity, My love, My protection and support. You are special because you are an extension of me. Man represents my image. Woman, My emotions. Together you represent the totality of God.”

I love men, no really, I LOVE men, lol! There is nothing like a man who is surrendered to God. I understand the authority that exists there and in no way desire to diminish that, but I’ve learned that women have a special place in the heart of God as well. And inasmuch, I love being a woman. While so many women today are fighting and demanding to be treated just like men, I find that it is far more honorable to be treated like a woman.

Ladies, by all means, feel sexy. Every woman deserves to. But let us all place extreme importance on developing inward beauty, the kind that is not seen with natural eyes. A woman who is both sexy and truly beautiful is a force. And before I blow this popsicle stand I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I meet unhappily single women ALL of the time. Well, here’s something to think about; it might be totally possible to develop the kind of beauty that is irresistible. Love God, become happy with you, become beautiful and who knows…maybe before long Mr. Right will be saying “I tighten up my game as I approach you, Yo check her she the nectar the bee get close to.” Ladies, let’s be the nectar and not the repellent that others are violently avoiding.

I’m Just Sayin’


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