What About Your Friends, Will They Stand Their Ground, Will They Let You Down Again…Friend-Ventory: A Good Girlfriend Is Like A Good Pair of Shoes

Reprinted.  Check out my latest post at Madame Noire.  Paying homage to my girls and every girl’s best friend…shoes.

Source: blog.convertible-heels.com

I’ve heard it said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. While I can’t knock the allure of cut clarity, color and carats, I can and WILL say that my heart sides with a deeper Marilyn Monroe quote: “Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world!” There are two things that a woman can never possibly have too many of…really great girlfriends and shoes, of course. In my book, shoes are just like friends; they support you or take you down. I promise that every “friend” you have can be described in terms of shoes, and with that, ladies, I submit that every now and again it’s simply good business to do friend-ventory: To open your (proverbial) closet and check out your shoe game.

Source: Old Navy
Flip Flops

There are definitely girlfriends who are just like flip flops. They are no fuss, no muss. You can be completely exposed, yet so comfortable when they are around. They are not pretentious and don’t require you to be fancy–nor do they judge. Like flip flops, they represent T-shirt and jeans kind of comfort.

Source: workchic.com


Who doesn’t love a laid back loafer? While ladies love to lounge around fancy free in flip flops, there are some situations that just don’t allow it. It’s always nice to slip on a comfortable flat when this is the case. Some friends are like loafers: they just feel right. You may not bare your soul to your loafer friends, but you are totally comfortable around them. They are easygoing and they just don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is simple around them and refreshingly free from drama. Loafers are definitely a must have.

Source: coutureinthecity.com


Every woman needs a good pair of pumps. There are girlfriends who are as classic as this staple of a shoe. They are versatile. A pump friend is one who can run in your professional circles but who you can dress down and mix with the casual crowd as well. Pumps can be a bit conservative at times, but they are certainly consistent, reliable, and—in this case—prudent. This is the girlfriend whose opinion really matters to you. She doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear; she tells you what you need to hear.

Source: replicachristianlouboutinus.com


 Animal Print Shoes

Not everyone can get with and get away with animal print. It definitely clashes with a lot of the things in your closet and you, for sure, can’t wear it everywhere! But, when you luck out and find an animal print shoe that works, you keep it around for as long as you can. There are girlfriends who are just like this. They don’t mix well with all of your friends and there are places that you don’t want to take them and they don’t want to go. These chicks are wild and crazy unbridled fun. They define themselves and bend all the rules and encourage you to do the same. When you’re with them, you have an edge that doesn’t come out as easily with your other friends. Just like an animal print shoe turns an otherwise bland outfit into a statement, this friend is known to turn mundane girls’ night out activities into epic experiences.

Source: bootsaholic.com


There is nothing like a great boot. Boots protect a woman’s delicate feet and elevate her style. There are girlfriends who do similar work. They are the ones who are fiercely loyal, unwavering friends. They are supportive and protective. No one can say anything negative about you without this kind of friend coming to the rescue. These friends make you look and feel good. They don’t steer you in the wrong direction; they make sure you put your best foot forward.

These are the friends that you can count on for the long haul. When things get tough, they are there. Everybody loves the sunshine, but your boot friends have your back all winter long.

Source: fashion-infatuation.com

Now women, and men I may add, love stilettos. They are a delight to the eye. We all agree they look so good, but we should all agree that they hurt so bad! And while a woman admits that the pain can be as high as the heel, she continues to buy them because she likes the image they project. You walk differently in these shoes because one misstep could leave you flat on your face. Ladies, know your stiletto friends. They are the “me I’m supa fly, supa dupa fly” members of the team. These women are divas in every sense of the word, from appearance to attitude. It’s about the glitz and the glamor with them all the time. There is no laid back with them, and when these friends are around, you’re definitely fancy! Like stilettos, you love what they do for your appearance, but you know they aren’t a practical choice. This type is good for going out, but don’t be fooled into thinking they are an every day option. You instantly feel fierce when you put stilettos on, but you wear them too long and all you’ll feel is pain. Message.

*Cues music.* “Friends, how many of us have them? Friends, ones you can depend on.” So ladies, what’s in your closet?


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